Great Care For My Cat Alice (age 17).

I’ve used other vets but not got the same quality of service. Rosie has such a good rapport, she’s very calm and makes Alice’s care much easier.

We can ring her and ask questions and she’ll not charge you for advice. Rosie will give the reassurance needed. She’s very good at what she does and has a very professional way about her.

Rosie isn’t the cheapest vet but she’s good at what she does so it’s well worth it as I get a good service from her.

I like how much calmer animals are with Rosie because they sense her calm and they’re in their own surroundings.

Animals are part of the family and such a big part of your life so their care is important.

We will continue to use Rose and Paws Indoors. I wouldn’t think of going to anybody else.

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