Cats & Dogs Spring Feelings

Have you noticed a change in your cat's behaviour?

Spring is in the air and  the cats are feeling it. Feral Toms will be on the prowl and more active than usual, looking for un-neutered females. You may not notice them but pet cats will see, hear and smell all the activity. This macho swaggering often upsets pet cats who are having to work harder to defend their territories and avoid fights. You may notice more marking behaviours in your own cats or an unwillingness to go outside. Sensitive cats may show symptoms of cystitis or overgrooming. To avoid unwanted kittens and to reduce roaming and fighting it is in your cats' interest to have them neutered. We are able to neuter cats from four months of age. Please get in touch for more information on neutering and advice on cat behaviour.

10 000 paw steps a day?

Did you get one of those fitness trackers for Christmas? If not, or if you need a training buddy you can now get a fitness tracker for dogs called a 'pItpat.' Practice dog Whizzer ( almost a labrador) has been trialling one with the aim of shedding a few pounds after Christmas. It is very easy to use and attaches to the collar - spot the orange paw print in the picture. It also encourages us to go a little further on the walk.The cost is £49.99. Please let us know if you would like one.

New Ultrasound Machine

We are very pleased to announce the arrival or our new ultrasound machine. This will allow us to offer additional services, such as pregnancy diagnosis, and do more thorough investigations on poorly cats and dogs. The machine is portable so examinations will be carried out at your home. Ultrasound is a gentle technique which is not painful. Usually all that is required is to clip away some fur. Fractious or nervous animals may need mild sedation so that they lay still.

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