Alice the cat - treated for dental hygiene

Dental Hygiene in Elderly Cats

Client Story: Dental Hygiene in Elderly Cats

Cats are prone to dental disease and this can get worse with age. Cats rarely show symptoms of gum disease or bad teeth, often putting up with pain and soreness, simply becoming quieter and more withdrawn – behaviour that is often attributed to getting older. Even with quite severe disease a cat will often still eat a normal amount of food, giving its owners no clue that it has a severe problem.

In all but the simplest cases an anaesthetic is needed to thoroughly remove plaque and decaying teeth. We take special precautions with elderly cats to minimise the risks from the anaesthetic. The benefits of the procedure far outweigh the dangers for an elderly but otherwise healthy animal.

The patient and her owners

Wendy and her husband have a 17-year-old Pedigree British Short Hair cat called Alice. She’s been a much-loved patient of Paws Indoors for at least the last four years now as was their previous cat Louie. The couple heard about the service by word of mouth and changed vets due to concerns about their current practice. This is when we started treating Alice and Louie but unfortunately Louie passed away not too long after.

‘When Rosie put our previous cat Louie to sleep she came at 8.30 at night and was very calm which helped me a lot. Having worked for a vet myself I could see how professional she was. I knew I could trust her.’

We continue to treat Alice for the family. She’s very attractive with striking china blue eyes and is generally in good health.

First Appointment

Having an annual check and vaccinations in the home is a great way to check your pet is healthy, prevent future illness or discuss any procedures that might need to be done. Pets are often calmer and more trusting in their own environment while being examined.

It was on examination of Alice’s teeth at her annual check that her dental problem was noted. Wendy and her husband had noticed that her breath was very bad. The decision to use an anaesthetic is not taken likely, especially in elderly pets but in this case, it was the best way to prevent pain and disease.

‘Rosie said there was a lot of tarter so they could do with a clean. She explained clearly about her age and that with older cats there’s more a risk with the anaesthetic. Also, she said as she’s healthy, the risk probably wasn’t quite as great but Alice needed them cleaned. Rosie also warned us she felt she’d need to take some teeth out.’


The Procedure

On the day of the procedure the animal is collected and taken back to our facility where we have a full operating theatre and after care unit. When they have fully recovered, they are taken home.

During any procedure, owners will be anxious therefore it’s important to keep them informed of their animal’s progress. As it’s not often an animal has an anaesthetic, we always look to see if anything else can be done while they’re less responsive.

‘Rosie rang us on the day to let us know Alice would definitely need some teeth taken out and then called again to let us know everything had gone well. She also offered to give her a groom while she was sedated. This was a good idea as she couldn’t moan about it and a nice surprise as it made her easier to groom later.’


Dental Hygiene Can Also Be A Problem In Dogs

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Dental hygiene in dogs before treatment.
Nice clean teeth after dental hygiene treatment

Benefits of using Paws Indoors for minor surgery

Every action and decision made on the day of surgery and during recovery is made with the best outcome for the animal in mind.

‘Rosie did a really good job with her. Alice came home with a fresher smelling mouth and a lovely coat.’

For pet owners such as Wendy and her husband who have difficulties getting to a veterinarian practice, Paws Indoors makes Alice’s care much easier.

'My husband has a disability so he can’t lift a cat box and I have osteoarthritis so it’s much easier to use Rosie both physically and it saves the stress of taking her and needing help the other end.’


Final thoughts from Wendy

‘I’ve used other vets but not got the same quality of service. Rosie has such a good rapport, she’s very calm and makes Alice’s care much easier.

We can ring her and ask questions and she’ll not charge you for advice. Rosie will give the reassurance needed. She’s very good at what she does and has a very professional way about her.

Rosie isn’t the cheapest vet but she’s good at what she does so it’s well worth it as I get a good service from her.

I like how much calmer animals are with Rosie because they sense her calm and they’re in their own surroundings.

Animals are part of the family and such a big part of your life so their care is important.

We will continue to use Rose and Paws Indoors. I wouldn’t think of going to anybody else.’


For more information about Using Paws Indoors and to book a consultation call 01508 498718, 07986 933849 or register your pet online.

Cats & Dogs Spring Feelings

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Spring is in the air and  the cats are feeling it. Feral Toms will be on the prowl and more active than usual, looking for un-neutered females. You may not notice them but pet cats will see, hear and smell all the activity. This macho swaggering often upsets pet cats who are having to work harder to defend their territories and avoid fights. You may notice more marking behaviours in your own cats or an unwillingness to go outside. Sensitive cats may show symptoms of cystitis or overgrooming. To avoid unwanted kittens and to reduce roaming and fighting it is in your cats' interest to have them neutered. We are able to neuter cats from four months of age. Please get in touch for more information on neutering and advice on cat behaviour.

10 000 paw steps a day?

Did you get one of those fitness trackers for Christmas? If not, or if you need a training buddy you can now get a fitness tracker for dogs called a 'pItpat.' Practice dog Whizzer ( almost a labrador) has been trialling one with the aim of shedding a few pounds after Christmas. It is very easy to use and attaches to the collar - spot the orange paw print in the picture. It also encourages us to go a little further on the walk.The cost is £49.99. Please let us know if you would like one.

New Ultrasound Machine

We are very pleased to announce the arrival or our new ultrasound machine. This will allow us to offer additional services, such as pregnancy diagnosis, and do more thorough investigations on poorly cats and dogs. The machine is portable so examinations will be carried out at your home. Ultrasound is a gentle technique which is not painful. Usually all that is required is to clip away some fur. Fractious or nervous animals may need mild sedation so that they lay still.

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