Keep your pet's paws (or claws) indoors and let the professional mobile vet come to you.

Why get stressed by going to the vet?
Relax! Let me come and treat your pets at home.

Rosie Smith Vet, MB, MA, MSc, MRCVS

Paws Indoors Mobile Vet Norwich & South Norfolk

Why choose Paws Indoors?

  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Personal, compassionate service
  • Evening and Weekend appointments available
  • Discounts for multiple pets
  • 24 hour service for registered clients

Less stress for you
and your pet

We understand how important your pets are. Treating your pet at home is less stressful and more convenient.

Our Philosophy

At Paws Indoors the emphasis is on quality and compassion. If you would like a vet who will treat your pet with the same diligence and respect as they would their own, and who can offer a sympathetic and understanding ear then give us a call or get in touch using our contact form.

Paws Indoors Mobile Vet Rosie Smith with her dogs

How far we travel

We cover Norwich, Wymondham, Attleborough, Long Stratton, Diss, Bungay, Loddon and all the villages in between. If you are unsure whether you’re in my area, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to let you know.

About Rosie Smith

Rosie has been a vet for over twenty years. She has three dogs and three cats of her own although her favourite animals are bats.

Paws Indoors Mobile Vet
Paws Indoors Mobile Vet5 days ago
Look at the picture on the left. The dog's teeth are so covered in tartar that it is difficult to see the actual teeth. But I see a lot of pet's with teeth as bad as this. I think part of the problem is that most of the timethe teeth are out of sight, covered by the lips, and because most pets will still be eating, even with teeth like this, owners assume it's not a problem. But very often pets are suffering in silence. Your pet's teeth are important and need looking after. How do you keep them clean? Brushing - every day, or - more controversially but it's what I do - give them a large bone once a fortnight. if you need any advice on how to look after your pet's teeth please get in touch, Rosie
Paws Indoors Mobile Vet
Paws Indoors Mobile Vet6 days ago
Time for new year's resolutions. Exercise is good for your dog's physical and mental health. For old dog's with arthritis I take a 'use it or loose it' approach. No excuses!! If in doubt ring for a friendly chat about what would be the best approach for your dog.Rosie
Paws Indoors Mobile Vet
Paws Indoors Mobile Vet2 weeks ago
Dog owners please be aware.
There have been several reports of this nature now so please take care at the coast with your pooches.

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